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Food & Mood Group


The Food and Mood group is designed to empower people with knowledge about nutrition and how it affects their mental and physical states.  Nutrition is some of the best preventative medicine available to us and this group is a tremendous way to build that knowledge without the mixed messages and incorrect information so common in our culture.  Over the course of eight weeks we delve into the fundamentals of nutrition and mindful eating - lessons that will last you a lifetime. 

Week 1 - the Stages of Change & setting SMART goals
Week 2 - Macronutrients & the Healthy Plate Model
Week 3 - Balancing Blood Sugar, Smart Snacks, & Inflammation
Week 4 - Eating with Mindfulness & the Hunger Scale
Week 5 - Behavior Change
Week 6 - Mood Friendly Nutrients
Week 7 - Planning for Success
Week 8 - Self-review and Continued Motivation


"My spouse and I took this class together and it has led to much healthier food choices and good, open discussions about food in our home."


"The group was very beneficial to me.  If nothing else it provided a time for some reflection and intentionality with my relationship to food.  Sally created a very safe, nonjudgemental environment where I really felt comfortable looking into my own behaviors and relationships toward food.  I learned some very useful information, but was not overwhelmed by the amount.  I would recommend this group to anyone who wishes to examine their relationship to food in a more meaningful way."


"This class provided a comfortable and safe space to discuss an extremely sensitive and often emotionally loaded topic.  I've already recommended it to friends."

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